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Piuray Outdoor Center is surrounded by four very old communities that have maintained and preserved their ancestor’s knowledge and daily practices. Our vision from the very beginning was to involve the community in our tourism offerings. The result is unique programs that turn out to be the ideal complement to your visit to Cusco.

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Among our experiential activities, we highlight:

Agricultural Days: Be guided by comuneros as we walk to the terraces near the Piuray Outdoor Center. Once at the terraces, we will do some agricultural work that, depending on the season, could include: sowing, harvesting or plowing.

Textile Demonstrations: Guided by comuneras, we will learn the different stages of the textile process and the details that go into this incredible tradition. We will see and learn from the thousand-year-old textile culture of the community of Pongobamba.

Production of Adobe Bricks: Guided by comuneros, we will witness a technique that has been used for thousands of years to make adobe, the material used to build their houses.

All of our experiential activities are interactive and can be enjoyed in the morning or in the afternoon. Additionally, they can be combined with any of our other activities in water or on land. Lunch may be included.