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We set up a safe space within the town, positioning the targets and training the group to shoot the arrows again and again.



  • 02:30 pm - The group arrives at POC and is welcomed with a station for hot drinks, water, fruits and snacks. This will be an ideal time to relax, use the services and take photos.
  • 03:00 pm - We start archery practice, which lasts an hour. Instructions will be given and the necessary practices will be carried out with specialized guides.
  • 04:00 pm - You can stay in the town to contemplate the landscape or do some other activity.
  • Optional - Passengers can arrive earlier, do some other activity (aquatic, experiential, etc.), then have lunch with any of the options we offer, and in the afternoon, practice archery.


  • The assistance of guides during the group's stay in the town
  • 1 hour of instructions and practice with the guides
  • All the security necessary for the practice of archery
  • Bow and arrow set
  • Station for hot drinks, water and snacks (fruits and snacks) permanently during the group's stay in the town.
  • Optional:
    • Round trip mobility to Piuray Outdoor Center
    • Various activities that we offer at Piuray Outdoor Center
    • Lunch
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