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We design programs aimed to incentive groups, Corporations or Agencies that seek a proposal that combines outdoor activities and challenges, both, on land and water. The experience will undoubtedly be unique and special, not only for the series of activities and alternatives we offer, but for experience, as we have an ideal space to offer programs of this type.


We design the programs according to the objective that each corporation or agency wants to achieve. Among the activities we offer:

  • Competitions: in Kayaks or Paddles, making adobes, on bikes, among others.
  • Raft construction: We offer a very complete game in which each team is given a sum of counterfeit money, which will have to be managed and used to buy the materials needed to build the raft. Then they must navigate it to a certain extent in the lagoon, as well as complete a series of interesting challenges, which will finally be evaluated and discussed with the group.
  • Treasure hunt: It is a very entertaining game in which each group will receive a letter that has been sent by an Inka to a community member of the Community of Pongobamba to find a treasure lost millions of years ago. The letter will provide you with the first clue that will lead you to find a map, by which you will begin the treasure hunt. The map will be the starting point of the game and it will draw the map of the place where the search will be carried out. The place in this case will be Piuray Outdoor Center, the lagoon of Piuray and its surroundings. Participants will have to go from one point to another to find the different clues. These can be riddles or different pieces of a puzzle, which by joining them will allow them to find the place where the treasure is hidden.
  • Decorating trees in the Yunza style: The objective of each group is to decorate their tree in 30 min. For this, each group will receive a sum of “fake” money to be able to buy not only the tree but also the materials to decorate it. Among the materials they will be able to find: dolls, balloons, decoration clothes, painting, among other things. They will have the option to decorate it or not, that is decided by each group. Something important to note is that once they buy their tree, it will come with an envelope, which they should read, because it will have an important phrase, which will undoubtedly guide them in the decoration. Once decorated, they must place a name, a phrase, something that identifies the decorated tree and each group will be provided with a series of questions that they must defend in their presentation to the rest of the teams.
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